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Splash of Water
The Village of Hazel Crest Lead Water Service Replacement Project is getting started. Please submit consent forms to have your water service lines inspected and replaced. You will be contacted to schedule service. Sign up today to take advantage of this program for all residents and help get the lead out.

Please note that you must be home for our crews to work on your water service line.

Lead Service Line Replacement





Important information about your service line replacement

The Village’s Contractor will replace all existing lead piping with copper piping, from the first valve inside the house (or at least 18” inside the building envelope, whichever is shorter), to the water main in the street. All associated valves, boxes, and fittings to maintain proper operation of the supply to the house will be replaced or reinstalled.

The methods utilized for Customer water service line replacement will leave the majority of the property undisturbed. The Village will provide a warranty of the material and workmanship of the Customer water service line for 12 months following completion of the construction project.

Service Line Replacement Process

Upon completion of the work necessary to establish the new service connection the Village will restore the Customer’s outdoor property as nearly as practicable to its former condition. The Contractor will minimize indoor disturbance at the Customer’s Property and will also restore the indoor area as nearly as practicable to its original condition.


The Contractor will also require access to the building for a preconstruction inspection with photographs and/or an excavation near the property line with the right-of-way to determine the service line material type.

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Service Line Replacement Request

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Submit your consent form now

The Village of Hazel Crest is in the final stage of the pipe replacement program. We need your help to ensure we get the lead out of the Village of Hazel Crest.

This work is so important. We must at now to protect you and your family as well as future generations.

Please participate.

Please submit consent forms. We will check your water service lines, replace them if they are not safe, and make any needed repairs to your yard or sidewalk at no cost to you.

You must be home for us to perform this work. Please contact us at

815-412-2015 to set up an appointment.

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